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Asheville Buncombe Institute Parity of Achievement
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ABIPA improves health conditions for African Americans by providing education, health services and advocacy from a unique understanding of the African American experience and a demonstrated ability to increase collaboration, connection, awareness and trust across diverse segments of the community.

We serve African Americans and all people of color in the following ways:

From the barber shop to the fellowship hall, we go into communities of color to reach people where they are.

Ladies Night Out
First Thursday of the Month – 4-8 p.m.
FREE physicals, mammograms, and
health education for qualifying
uninsured or underinsured women.
Transportation provided, free child-
care, refreshments, mammograms,
blood pressure checks, cholesterol
screenings, and pap smears.
Call (828) 250-6006 to make your
Sponsored by Mission Hospitals, Asheville
Radiology Breast Center, Buncombe County
Health Center, Asheville Buncombe Institute
of Parity Achievement, Housing Authority of
Asheville, and YWCA.

To Body & Soul Radio Show:
WRES fm 100.7
Tuesday & Thursdays 10:30 am

Our Presentation of Abundant Living Cooking Show
URTV– Cable 20
Saturdays 11:30 am—12:00 noon

We speak in ways that are culturally relevant and sensitive.  We encourage participants to ask questions and get information in an environment of trust.
We serve as guides and companions to individuals navigating a complex health care system.  
We empower individuals to take control of their own health.  We strengthen the whole community by bringing people and resources together to meet an urgent need.
ABIPA provides the following Education & Health Services through collaborations with community organizations, groups and individuals in an effort to address and improve health conditions for African Americans: Read More >>>

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